How to use 'list' in gear fit2 pro??

I bought smart watch, Gear fit2 pro.
I want develop application, but i met strange problem.

In tizen studio, their are some sample project.
if i connect my device and install project, they doesn't work...

I see code, I found problem is  Evas_Object 'list'. in create_base_gui function, 'list' view is not visible in my device. it display notthing.
but if i run in emulator(same wearble version, 2.3.1) it's perfectly work.

I install sample project UIComponet, i can see only black. (just display only title)

I cant understand one kind of UI is not work.
what can i do?

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Armaan-Ul- Islam

Hello js lee,


# If your purpose is to develop & Publish Tizen Application for Gear Fit 2 in App Market:

- Gear Fit2 supports publishing only (.tpk) Native/.NET platform app not (.wgt) Web Platform app.

- Gear Fit2 supports publishing only watch-faces, No application allowed.

Reference Post:


# Else If your  purpose is to develop for personal use only:

- Try Changing the Tizen-Manifest > Feature > screen.(size/shape) and adapting the UI. In General, development environment for Gear fit2 is not Officially provided. You have to look for workarounds & Screen UI adaptation process yourself.

js lee

I devleop for personal only.

My question is How to make Evas_Object 'list' visible.

I can't find any document, solution and question in this problem, and i ask here.

You mean i modify Tizen kernel??



Armaan-Ul- Islam

No, not modifying Tizen kernel...


Every tizen application project has a Manifest file (tizen-manifest.xml/config.xml) -> Just change the Screen Resolution / Shape ( Feature > screen.(size/shape) ) to adapt display. As I already mentioned, development environment for Gear fit2 is not Officially provided, So You have to go for Trial & Error...

Mathias Walter

Hi Js Lee,

I run into the same problem. Did you find a solution? Maybe genlist? 


Mathias Walter

By the way, I set the correct screen resolution and shape. This cannot be the cause of the problem.