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Hi, Can one develop an app (native or web) for Gear Fit 2 and publish it on Samsung Gear app website? I've found some conflicting information that Samsung doesn't allow to publish for Gear Fit2, is this correct?
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Slawek Kowalski

Samsung allows to publish only Tizen Native app (TPK)  for Gear Fit 2. And very IMPORTANT detail: it must be only watch faces.

Developers are not allowed to publish UI apps for Gear Fit 2. Summarry: you can't publish wgt packages (Web App) and only TPK packages (Native App) with tag watch face in manifest file.


Existed UI apps for GF2 were created by Samsung partners.



Hi Slawek,

Thank you for your reply, I was afraid that you can't develop UI apps. :( Not that it's going to change anything, but I wonder why Samsung doesn't allow this? Would make watch only more popular as currently there is no third party apps worth mentioning.

I wanted to develop a simple Heart Rate Recovery app which shows how fit you are according to HR recovery guidelines, Fit 2 would be a perfect device for this, but oh well..



Slawek Kowalski

Samsung claims that Gear Fit 2 is only band not fully smartwatch and indeed it is true. 

I am not sure, maybe they don't want to make competition for other devices like Gear S2/S3. Gear Fit 2

is cheaper than Gear S2 or S3.

John Ixion

the next model will be fully supported, hopefully: Tizen wearables need more apps, everyone knows that except some genius in the marketing department...

John Ixion

the display will be circular, so the marketing guys will probably consider this one as a "watch" LOL

Slawek Kowalski

I hope so. GF2 got very good hardware, a good base to create excellent apps. Hope Samsung changes its mind and

open upcoming Gear Fit X for 3rd party developers.

John Ixion

happy to see that the next model has also a rectangular screen:


let's see if the marketing guys will allow full SDK support...

Slawek Kowalski

I have checked possibility to upload binary (WGT or TPK) for Gear Fit Pro. It is the last band released by Samsung.

GFP is not sold yet - only announced last week. However, Samsung Office already shows GFP in binaries panel. It was

added to Gear Fit 2. Probably the reason is the same screen resolution 216x432. But sitll you can't upload any

file for that device. Seems Samsung marketing didn't change theris policy so far...


When try to upload binary for Gear Fit Pro I got popup message: The binary information cannot be saved. There is no device

for which registered binary can be sold.

Kilim A

You can upload wgt for Gear Fit2

  Just add <feature name = "" />

 Only this.

  This is from support

It's works!

I wonder too why such different information is everywhere

 forum.. support..

This should be general information.

But still it gets better. Although there are problems

Slawek Kowalski

I tried that before and it didn't work. But ok I am going to check it now.

Maybe Samsung changed their policty due to Gear Fit 2 but I doubt.


Slawek Kowalski

I created test project for Gear Fit 2. Added 2 features:

<feature name=""/>

<feature name=""/>


In Samsung Office panel I checked '216x432 (Gear Fit2, Fit2 Pro)';

After upload the binary I got message:

The binary information cannot be saved. There is no device for which the registered binary can be sold.


So still we can't upload apps for Gear Fit 2/Pro.

If it works for you please show you config.xml file. Maybe there is another thing I should put into file.


Summary: for me Gear Fit/Pro is still out of access for 3rd party developers.



Kilim A

It worked.  I  hade uploaded it. now  it is not working...

How are they doing this ?.
I'll ask support

  otherwise you can only upload WF

Andres Sanchez Vargas

I woud like to know if Samsung is going to let the developers make ui apps for Gear Fit 2.

Just yesterday I bought a Gear FIt 2 to developed an app. I already have a prototype in Unity and it works really well but until now it is imposibel for me to upload my betaApp to the Galaxy Store.

I would appreciate if someone from Samsung could help us. I really think that the Gear Fit 2 is an incredibel pice of hardware but without more apps is useless.

Slawek Kowalski

Now is possible to add app to Samsung Apps Office for Gear Fit 2 only if a build meets following conditions in manifest file:

1. Must create project for watch face as Native Project.

2. Must add to tizen-manifest.xml <feature name="">true</feature>

After meeting these your build will cover about 187 devices (checked on 29 October 2017).


In other words, we can publish only native watch-faces (TPK) for Gear Fit2/Pro. No other way to add UI apps.

Probably Samsung doesn't want to competete with Gear S2/S3/Sport. They say: it is only band not smartwatch.



If you want to get confirmation or official statement write to Samsung support.



Kilim A

25 10 17:

You right! But it's help only <feature name=""/> 
not a simple <feature name=""/> ( see old correspondence) 

May I ask another question? I can develop only wf for Gear Fit 2 or any applications? 
-----old correspondence----- 
You recommendation (below) - doesn't help. 
May be wgt files are not for Gear fit 2? 
I have wrote this on forum. 
But it's strange to know about it only from forum. 

recommended when the following information exists in the binary file. 

① For a Web app (.wgt) 
- When one of the following features exists in the config.xml file 
* <feature name=""/> 
* <feature name=""/> 

② For a Native app (.tpk) 
- When the following feature exists in the tizen-manifest.xml 
* <feature name="”>true</feature> 

Please check the guidance below for more detailed information. 
- Seller Office ( > “Assistance” > "Guide Download” > Application Registration Guide > 5. Attachment > 1) Binary Extraction Information > ③ Tizen Device Recommendation Information and Gear Linked (Host) Deeplink 

If the issue persists even though your binary uses the above features, please to contact us again with the binary file. 

Kilim A


Regarding your inquiry, we checked that the error occurred because the feature of fitnessband was not included in the previous config.xml, and this time, the feature of watchface has been excluded.

Please note that, when one of the following features exists in the config.xml file, the watchface is determined to be used.
- <tizen:category   name="" />
- <tizen:category   name=""/>

In conclusion, please upload binary file again after including both features(fitnessband and watchface) in one config.xml file.

Slawek Kowalski

I confirm it now work with belowe properties:

    <feature name=""/>
    <feature name=""/>
    <tizen:category name="" />

After upload with these properties our app covers 187 pairs watch-phone.

It is very good news for developers but I am sure adding property wearable_clock didn't work a year ago. Samsung had to change its policy about Gear Fit last time. Maybe after adding Gear Fit Pro.


However, it is not what we want to have. Still not possible to publish UI apps. Watch Face app has a lot of limitations. 


Summary: now is possible to publish Watch Faces for Gear Fit 2/Pro but NOT UI apps so far.


Thanks a lot Kilim A for your good job.

Kilim A

 You can try add UI app into WF and button - launch

Slawek Kowalski

What do you mean? Two apps in one package? Watch face starts and user can launch UI app (2nd app in package)?


Kilim A

Yes "Watch face starts and user can launch UI app"

 If Cert Team  will allow it

 This was Added for WF

Kilim A

Yes "Watch face starts and user can launch UI app"

 If Cert Team  will allow it

 This was Added for WF

Slawek Kowalski

I doubt Cert Team allow for launch UI app from watch face.

Did you try that?

Kilim A


My Watch for Gear fit with launch another app was admitted by Cert Team

 It was color test.... another app into WF


Button launch - word TEST


You can try too I think.. I don't know what you want... but it's possible





Slawek Kowalski

Thanks a lot for your info. I also consider this solution. However, I still afraid an app will be rejected by QA.


Slawek Kowalski

>>My Watch for Gear fit with launch another app was admitted by Cert Team

 >>It was color test.... another app into WF

How did you manage to delivery both apps in one package? Did you use hybrid app (Web UI + native service)?

I think it is not possible to run UI app from service, it only works in background.

Kilim A

It was web  app

 It is one app

it is Watch ,only watch

  but if you tap button will be another layout ( with test color)  It  will NOT another app.


Slawek Kowalski

Understand. You have just watch face app (one app in the package) and after clicking Test button you just change

layout inside your app but it is still watch face.


I thought rather about launching another native UI app from watch face. I missunderstood you first time. 

Kilim A

No, but I think I'll try soon ...

I have it seems ready

But we need to check

I will post the result and what app was


Hi Kilim, any update on this? Is it possible to package one app into another?

Kilim A

Guys, my examples relate to web applications.There is no two package.

"It was web  app

 It is one appit is Watch ,only watch  but if you tap button will be another layout ( with test color) 

It  will NOT another app."

It is necessary to ask your question - to another or to look for an answer  on tizen site.

John Ixion

If you want full SDK support for Gear Fit2, ask Samsung Developers on Twitter or FB