Tizen Studio fails to launch

If you have JDK/OpenJDK 10 or 11 installed on your system and you install Tizen Studio, Tizen Studio may install but you will not be able to launch it. No error messages are displayed when you try to launch Tizen Studio. Tizen Studio will simply not launch. 

NoteThere is no JDK prerequisite for Tizen Studio 3.7 and higher.

You must install Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK) 8 or OpenJDK 12 for Tizen Studio 3.5 and Tizen Studio 3.6.

Check your JDK version and download an earlier version:

  1. Verify you are running a supported version of Java on your system (JDK 8 or 9). On a command line, type java -version. If this command does not work and your system is a PC, see How can I find which version of Java is installed without running an applet in Windows or Mac? for more information.

  2. If the version returned is not 8 or 9, download and install one of these versions. You should also set or update your JAVA_HOME environment variable to the location of this downloaded version.

    To download an earlier version of the JDK, see Oracle Java Archive.

    To set your JAVA_HOME environment variable, see Installing the JDK Software and Setting JAVA_HOME or Setting the JAVA_HOME Variable in Windows.