How to apply wearable bezel-less skin in Tizen emulator


A bezel-less skin has been added for developers who are developing bezel-less UI applications that do not need to handle bezel rotation events.

Although bezel-less skin can be applied to all versions of tizen wearable emulators, it is necessary to check beforehand whether the device's bezel should be rotated for correct application operation. Refer to the "Handling the rotating bezel feature" guide for how to check whether the bezel is rotated and corresponding feature keys

How to Change Bezel-less Skin 

Step 1: Open the Emulator Manager
              If you do not have an applicable emulator instance, create a wearable circle instance.

Step 2: Select wearable-4.0 emulator and then click Edit button.

Step 3: Change a skin from W circle 360x360 to W circle Bezel-less 360x360.

Step 4: Launch wearable-4.0 emulator.