C++ for Tizen Native Application


C and C++, both are used for Tizen Native application development. However, Most of the given sample applications are written in C and the default IDE settings can’t recognize C++ code. So, a beginner in Tizen development may face hard time to write code in C++ as he/she can’t use many magical features of C++. This article demonstrates how to make Tizen studio C++11 compatible so that developers can use C++ for Tizen native application development.

Steps Need to Follow:

1 Firstly make cpp extension source file.


2 Right click on Tizen Native project then go to

Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Settings -> Tool Settings -> C++ Compiler -> Dialect

Then select ISO C++11 (-std=c++0x) from Language standard dropdown menu.

Then click OK to save this setting.

3 Again Right click on Tizen Native project then go to

Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Tizen Settings -> Platform  -> Toolchain Information 

Then select any one from GCC-4.9 (default) or LLVM GCC-4.9 (default) from name dropdown menu.

Then again click OK to save this settings.

Now you can use C++ features including its library functions for native application development.

Running the Sample Application:

The attached sample application contains different C++ features, library functions (Inheritance, Stack, Vector, String etc.). After running the application, check LOG for the output.

File attachments: 
SDK Version Since: 
2.4 mobile/2.3.1 wearable