Verifying Privilege Usage

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  • Tizen Studio 1.0 and Higher


Tizen Studio provides a checker to identify potential privilege violation problems in the application code. This check is performed automatically, and you can easily verify the source code in your project.

Using the Privilege Checker

The Privilege Checker is enabled by default. It is automatically performed during the build process or code editing.

To perform the check manually:

  1. In the Project Explorer view, select the project.
  2. Right-click the project folder, and select Check Privilege.

Figure: Privilege Checker

Privilege Checker

Setting the Options

To set the Privilege Checker options, go to Menu > Preferences > Tizen Studio > Web > Editor > Privilege.

You can select the options for validation times:

  • Build (default)
  • Reconcile (default)

You can set the following check levels:

  • Ignore
  • Warning
  • Error (default)

You can exclude JS files from parsing by specifying pattern strings, separated by a comma, in the Exclude files that match these patterns from validation field. The default value in this field is min, jquery, jqm-docs, phonegap, sencha, tizen-web-ui-fw, dowhide, globalize, coderdeck, modernizr, tau. For instance, since parsing the jquery.min.js file generates many warnings, the default pattern string values exclude the parsing of this JS file.

The check results are displayed in the Problems view and vertical ruler. To resolve an alarm, click the annotation on the vertical ruler and select an entry from the proposal list. The required privilege is automatically added into the config.xml file (for a quick fix, use the Ctrl + 1 keyboard shortcut).

Figure: Check results displayed in the Problems view

Check results displayed in the Problems view

Figure: Required privilege is automatically added

Required privilege is automatically added

Table: Privilege check alarm example

Alarm type Description Message format Required actions
Undefined privilege alarm The application uses a method whose privilege is not specified in the configuration file. The [tizen:Privilege name] privilege is required.

For example (in a mobile Web application):

[] privilege is required.

Assign the privilege in the configuration file in Tizen Studio. Privilege violation is a strong reason for the rejection of an application in the certification process.

The Privilege Checker tool is based on the Content Assist engine in Tizen Studio. It is used for code that is not supported by Content Assist and cannot be checked. Therefore, the check results can possibly have missing (unsound) values.