New in Tizen 2.4

“Air” Visual Language

The visual style of Tizen has evolved one step further. “Air” is the key concept behind our open, flexible, and rich visual experience. Typography, iconography, color, and motion are beautifully integrated to realize the new “Air” concept.



The active notification type was added to support immediate user action for time-sensitive events.


Design Patterns

We provide detailed guidelines for developers. Follow the guidelines to give users an enjoyable experience. It’s very important for users to feel comfortable and familiar with your app from the very beginning.


Tizen UI Components

Tizen provides various UI components, such as navigation components, presentation views, UI components, and assist views. For Tizen 2.4, these UI components have been refined and fine-tuned to be more consistent and organized. This helps developers design their apps more conveniently, and allows users to better understand the user interface.

Also, controls, such as floating action button and light view, are newly introduced in Tizen 2.4 to help you provide users with apps that are easier to use.