Preview for official version of Visual Studio Tools for Tizen

Preview for official version of Visual Studio Tools for Tizen

BY yongheon shin 2017年 09月 25日 Tizen .NET, Tizen .NET Application

Visual Studio Tools for Tizen is a development tool set that enables app developers to develop Tizen .NET applications.  The first preview (beta) version was released on November 2016, and the official version v1.0 for Visual Studio Tools for Tizen is scheduled for release in October 2017. 

History of Preview Versions

We have so far released for preview (beta) versions :

  1. Preview 1 (Nov. 2016)

    • Announced .NET Core will be applied on Tizen Platform. Released the first ever Visual Studio tools for Tizen with a Mobile Emulator, and a simple emulator for developing Tizen .NET applications.
  2. Preview 2  (Jan.2017)
    • Introduced Emulator Manager, Certificate Manager, and TV emulator supporting .NET Core runtime in this version.
  3. Preview 3  (March 2017)
    • Introduced log viewer and device manager for controlling connected device or emulator. Also, finalized the tools which were shown at 2nd preview.
  4. Preview 4 (July 2017)
    • Included .NET core 2.0 runtime and all of the tools in Visual Studio. This version also included a checker for Tizen API and Privileges.

New Features in v1.0

  1. Baseline SDK

    • In the official release v1.0, Visual Studio Tools for Tizen will be released using Visual Studio extensions and Tizen Baseline SDK. On preview versions, all the tools were released using InstallShield, and so cannot be updated.
    • Visual Studio extension will be installed or updated by Visual Studio Marketplace. And, Baseline SDK will be done by Tizen's own updater called as Tizen Package Manager.VS Tools Structure
  2. Apply Common Project System

    • Visual Studio Tools for Tizen will be based on Common Project System recommended by .NET and Microsoft. For using this, Project description file will be changed to easy and simple type and it will help you to use same project in dotnet CLI too.
  3. Command Line Interface

    • Tizen CLI (Command Line Interface) will be introduced based on .NET Core CLI. This feature enables app developers to develop Tizen .NET application on CLI, and Tizen .NET can be applied on Continuous Integration System that works on Linux and Mac OS easily.
  4. Profiler tool (Beta)

    • Visual Studio Tools for Tizen will introduce Profiler tool which can show the CPU and memory status for projects. This tool will be released with a beta tag, and will be updated in further releases.Profiler
  5. Wearable Emulator (Beta)

    • Wearable profile is one of main device for Tizen Platform. The Wearable Emulator including .NET Core will be released with a beta tag. Tizen developer for wearable devices can make their own projects for Wearable devices with this emulator.
Written by yongheon shin
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