Profiling Memory with Valgrind



  • Tizen Studio 1.0 and Higher

Valgrind is a memory profiling tool, which can detect memory errors and memory leaks in an application. The Valgrind tool consists of a core module and various debugging and profiling tools. For more information, see the Valgrind User Manual.

Tizen Studio supports the following tools:

  • Memcheck

    Memcheck is a default tool that detects memory errors, memory leaks, incorrect freeing of memory, and usage of undefined or uninitialized values.

  • Massif

    Massif is a heap profiler to measure the amount of memory your program uses.

Tizen Studio provides the interface for running Valgrind with your application easily. After performance profiling is terminated, you can see the profiling result and use it for improving performance.

NoteValgrind is not supported since Tizen 3.0. As an alternative, you can use the Leak Sanitizer for heap allocation tracing.