Tizen 5.5 Public M2 Release

Tizen 5.5 Public M2 Release

BY Youngae Kang 2019년 10월 29일 Tizen Platform Release

We are pleased to announce the second milestone release of Tizen 5.5. The Tizen 5.5 Public M2 release provides developers with the Tizen kernel, device drivers, middleware subsystems, and Native/Web/TizenFX APIs.

Key highlights of this release are as follows:

  • Support Intelligent information technologies (NNStreamer/NN Runtime/On-Device Vision(based on DNN))
  • Support Multi-Display/Multi-Window
  • Support Motion APIs based on the vector(Lottie)
  • Support Native UI C# APIs
  • Reducing Runtime memory by optimizing D-Bus Policies
  • Support .NET Core 3.0
  • Support Seamless Layout Transition Effect
  • Support Sticker Framework
  • Support Multi-Device Distributed Web Engine
  • Support User Awareness Framework 

For more detailed information, see Tizen 5.5 feature highlights and Release Notes.

Written by Youngae Kang
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