Where is the lists on left side of web simulator?

Above image is my web simulator, there is only Orientation and Zooming.

But on the guide there are System Summary, Notification so on so on...

How can pick up the lists?


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Iqbal Hossain

hi 명훈 심, May be these options have been removed. But you can find these on Emulator.

seokjun Lee

Hi, Iqbal Hossain.

 I tried to run the Bluetooth web application using the web simulator, but the left bar is only the orientation and zooming tab.

The network management tab is required, but there are no additional tabs other than orientation and zooming.

I know Bluetooth can not run on an emulator.

Is it possible to run Bluetooth with the emulator?

If possible, please give me the answer. plz plz....

Armaan-Ul- Islam

No, You can't perform Bluetooth operations on Emulator. And as far as I know, You can't even perform Bluetooth operations on Web Simulator also.

Anyways, For some reason seems 'Orientation and Zooming' feature is the only  feature available on Web Simulator now.