wgt file for flutter-tizen

Is it necessary to have .wgt file in fultter-tizen? if so how do I find or create the .wgt file. I have searched for .wgt file in my sample flutter-tizen project but couldnt find the  .wgt file. According to the documentation we need a .wgt file to install the tizen smart tv app in tv, not the .tpk file. So how do I create a .wgt file in flutter-tizen project.

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Sangwook Kim

flutter-tizen currently only supports exporting Flutter apps to TPK format. The resulting app package is not a web application, but a .NET application containing some machine code (not JavaScript). You can build and install a .tpk file onto your TV device (running Tizen 6.0 or newer) by simply typing the "flutter-tizen run --release" command in your project directory, or using "sdb install" if you already have a pre-built .tpk file.

Please leave an issue in for any further inquiry. Thanks!