Web inspector error-Remote debugging terminated : websocket closed


I am debugging my galaxy gear application using web inspector from tizen studio. But the web inspector shows the console messages for a few minutes and then it stops and displays the below message:

Detached from the target
Remote debugging has been terminated with reason: websocket_closed
Please re-attach to the new target.

How can i resolve this issue? I want to enable the web inspector for a longer time so that i can debug my application.



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André Reus

How do you connect your Gear with development PC ? 
Wifi ? or any other way... And also please mention your Gear device model. 
And Google Chrome version should be 52 or lower


Sainath Morpoju

Hi Andre,

I am using Wifi to connect and the model is Gear S3 Frontier. I will downgrade my google chrome version and try it out again.
Thanks for the reply.

André Reus

Did you try after downgrading google chrome ?

Sebastian Pereyro

I have the same issue, I downgraded to 52 and still happens. After 3 minutes the connection is lost and get the same message:

André Reus

As you said, you are using wifi to connect... so i am assuming you are using tizen sdb along with wifi to deploy app to gear devices. 
Please make sure your bluetooth is turned off while using wifi to running on gear. Also make sure you are set static ip setting from gear wifi settings. 
Follow this for more