Web Application Development Process

Tizen provides the tools required to manage your Web application life-cycle from product conception, through development and release, to end-of-life application retirement.

Web application development process

Planning and Designing the Application

The first step in creating a Tizen Web application is planning and designing it using the design tools of your choice.

For information on planning and designing your applications, see Tizen Web Guides and Tizen Web API References.

Once you have finished the application plan and design, you are ready to create the slitherio application project.

Creating the Application Project

After you have planned and designed your application, you are ready to create the application project in Tizen Studio.

Tizen Studio provides various project templates that make it easier for you to start coding your application. When you create a new project, you can select a specific template or sample. Based on the selection, the Tizen Web Project Wizard automatically creates basic functionalities that the application has to implement to be able to run. The default project files and folders are also created.

Setting Project Properties
After creating the application project, you can configure the properties of the project and the Web application to achieve the required functionality and features for your application.

Designing the Application UI
You can design the application UI using the UI components defined in the Tizen Advanced UI Framework.

Coding the Application
Code your application in Tizen Studio using the APIs defined in the Web API References.

Once you have finished coding your application, you are ready to build your application.

Building the Application