Using Tizen Calendar API returns calendars with NO events

I am working on a web application and i would like to get all events from calendar and use their details. 
I installed my application on my Galaxy Watch device.
On my Galaxy watch device, in the pre-installed calendar application, all events from my Google Calendar are synchonised correctly and i can see them on the pre-installed calendar widget. 

The problem is that when i run my application on my Galaxy watch, i get 2 calendars that have NO events.

I am using Tizen calendar API as it is descriped on tizen developers site:
see the code i have attached. 
I get 2 calendars:
1. Default event calendar
2. Default birthday calendar
when i try to get the events on each one of them i get that there are 0 events.

Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?
Shouldn't Tizen Calendar API also return the Google Calendar events since they are synced with the device's pre-installed calendar application?


Here is the javascript code i use:

// Gets a list of available calendars. 
tizen.calendar.getCalendars("EVENT", calendarListCallback, errorCallback);
// Defines the error callback. 
function errorCallback(response) {
       console.log("The following error occurred: " +;
// Defines the success callback. 
function calendarListCallback(calendars) {
     // How many calendars exist
    console.log("Calendars length: " + calendars.length);
     if (calendars.length > 0) {
              for (var i = 0; i < calendars.length; i++) {
                     calendar = calendars[i];
                     // Gets the id and name of each calendar
                     console.log("Calendar id: " + + " Name: " +;
                     // Gets the number of all events in each calendar
                     function eventSearchSuccessCallback(events) {
                          console.log("Events length: " + events.length);

Here is the Console Log i get:

Calendars length: 2
Calendar id: 1 Name: Default event calendar
Events length: 0
Calendar id: 3 Name: Default birthday calendar
Events length: 0

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did you have any luck with this in the meantime?

I am having the same problem, and don't know what to do.


Panagiotis Sarridis


Unfortunatelly no progress. I am stuck. 

There is a post that reports the same issue for Native Applications as a bug on

but the issue is still unresolved.