Using static library in web application

I made static library(.a) for tizen native application and it is possbile for native application to use it.

But I'm wondering that it is possible for web application to use this library also. 


I'm trying to find the way to use or link it but I can't. so it seems that it is impossible but I'm not sure.

Is there any way for web application to use static library?  


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André Reus

hi Kim

You can use Hybrid App concept to communicate between Native and Web app. If you able to add static library then you can use this static library from web app via native app. 
See how to build hybrid app with message port communication. 



Is this ony way to use static library from web app?

So, it means that the web app can't use static library directly.

To use static libray from web app, the web app should be made as hybrid and APIs provided in library should be called through native service app, am I right?



André Reus

yeah! But you may try to add .a library on web app and let us update. But as per my knowledge, native is the easy way.

André Reus

Did you able to resolve the problem ? please share