Unable to play dash+widevine video in webview on newer TV's


I am creating a web application that simply launches a html5 site where the user can play videos.

The videos use Shaka player, and it's Dash packaging with Widevine DRM.

It is working on certain TV models, but not all.


Works on:

also at home I have a NU8000 model, and another coworker has a MUXXXX device. So it works on TV models that are a few years old.

Does not work on: U65AU7105KXXC
This is a newer model, and I guess the webview browser has been changed.


After some googling I thought I had to add some privileges to get access to DRM play, such as:
    <tizen:privilege name=""/>
    <tizen:privilege name=""/>

But that didn't solve the issue.

If I load this then the results of the DRM is this:

"drm": {
        "org.w3.clearkey": null,
        "com.widevine.alpha": null,
        "": null,
        "": null,
        "": null,
        "": null,
        "com.adobe.primetime": null


Can anyone tell me how to enable the DRM for the webview for newer TV models?


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arni arent

Just to update on this issue.

The problem has been discovered.

It seems that for newer Tizen tv's (6.0) you need to be using HTTPS instead of HTTP to be able to use the DRM modules in the browser.

Older TV's (3.0, 4.0, maybe 5.0) do allow playing DRM videos from HTTP server.