Tv remote not working on Samsung Tv

Hii, I have developed a Tizen tv app using tizen sdk 4.0 and using html5,css and javascript. after developing the app when i am running it on my emulator/web simulator the tv remote is working fine but when i am running the same application on Samsung tv the Tv remote is not working.I have already used privileges like tvinputdevice and i have read in the tizen documentation that for up,down left,right key there is no need for register key so thats why i am not registering any key. Any kind of help is appreciated thank you.

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Armaan-Ul- Islam

Hello ~,

I would suggest that, you may post your issue on Samsung TV Forum

Developers on the specific domain may share their experiences with you there. In Addition, Samsung TV Seller Office also provides 1:1 Q&A Support if you have published any app there.

 Samsung Apps TV Seller Office>Support > 1:1 QA