Tizen Web Application for B2B models-automatic update through URL Launcher


I am developing a web application for B2B model displays for retail purposes. 
The devices are currently downloading the application through URL Launcher.

However, there is a problem concerning the update of the application in the devices.

Is there a way to upload the updated .wgt package to the url server and force the device to download it and install it(replace the previous .wgt). For example, lets say the new .wgt package is uploaded. Will rebooting the device(s) force it to talk to the server, see a new updated .wgt somehow and force replacement of the currently installed package application?

Furthermore, if that is possible without the need for source code implementation, is it also possible to reopen the updated now application to the state it was before updating and device rebooting occured? Such functionality would be extremelly crucial for my application.


Edited by: Marios Politis on 16 May, 2024