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I am currently developing a Web based TV application for Tizen. The scope of the application is to consume a RESTful API that returns a list (m3u formatted) of  IPTV streams and channels. Some of the channels have EPG information encoded into them, but I don't fully understand how to use the Web Tizen API in order to extract that information. That is, information regarding the list of content, start-stop times of certain shows, current progress of a show etc.


From the research I did so far, these informations should be part of the stream itself or should be consumed separatelly from the same API that provides the channels streams. But I don't see any way of doing that using JavaScript in a Web application. Did anyone implemented something like this before and has any hints as to how it can be achieved? It'd be very much appreciated.


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Adrian Popa

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Mary Solero

 Did you already achieve it?