Tizen TV - Cannot connect to the TV to publish app


I am simply unable to connect to the TV using either the Tizen Studio IDE Remote Device Manager or the SDB using command line.  The message I get from the Remote Device Manager is "The remote device may already be connected by another", and no, I am not connecting another client to the TV.

This is what I am able to do;

  • I am able to correctly set the Samsung TV to Developer Mode
  • I am able to ping the TV from my computer without any issues
  • The Tizen Studio IDE Remote Device Manager actually finds the TV upon scanning

What I am using;

  • The latest version of Tizen Studio IDE (1.1.0)
  • Samsung TV with Tizen OS (firmware version 1163)

What I have already checked;

  • Ports are not blocked in my router
  • I have tried using both Wireless and Wired network connection. Netflix and other network based services work without issues
  • I have attempted to connect both with the Tizen Studio IDE Remote Device Manager and the SDB using command line without success

I would very much appreciate any input possible on this, as this has taken a lot of time already, and I need to up and running now.

Thanks in advance for your time!




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Armaan-Ul- Islam

I faced the same message "The remote device may already be connected by another" while connecting my wearable device Gear S2. Restarting the device and redoing the steps from scratch (debugging-> on, connect,.....etc) solved my problem.


Anyways, My finding is whenever Tizen studio fails to connect, it shows the message "The remote device may already be connected by another" , whatever the reason is the error message is same. But I admit Remote Device Manager in Tizen Studio 1.1.0 is improved than earlier ones.


You may post your issue on Samsung TV Forum

Peter Stahl

Hello Armaan,

Thank you for the suggestion, however I have restarted both Tizen Studio as well as the TV and also the computer the Tizen Studio resides on as well as my router several times. This does not help unfortunately...



Abhilash Kankokkaran

Your TV should be in debug mode for you to be able to connect from Tizen studio.

To test on a Tizen TV, go into the developer mode and type “12345”. A window will appear prompting you to enter the system in which you want to connect. Choose TV and type in your IP address. Reboot the TV and run your app.


Let me know if you face any issue. I connect and debug in TV all the time.

Peter Stahl

Hello Abhilash,

As I have written in my question, I have no problem putting the TV in developer mode. This is not the issue I am experiencing.



Abhilash Kankokkaran

If the ip you are entering while enabling developer mode is same as ur Laptop ip, you should be able to connect to tv.

If the IP you entered is wrong and still developer mode is ON, it will not let you connect.

I can share you the screen shot of my connection below.

You can see the TV being connected and IP of TV being shown in connection explorer.

Let me know if you are trying the same way. Also model number of ur tv.

SDB will not work for tv, as far as i read in blogs.

Peter Beňuš


I am new to Tizen and I have the same problem. I try to connect to my TV (UE50MU6172) with the newest firmware installed. Exactly is like Peter described and I tried it the same way as you, Abhilash. I also tried different versions of Tizen-Studio and every time with the same result. Can anybody help me please?

Armaan-Ul- Islam

Most probably the TV Model you mentioned runs on Tizen 3.0. Install Tizen TV Extensions 3.0 from Package Manager of your Tizen Studio IDE, Then try to connect the TV with IDE.


This blog post might help.

Peter Beňuš

Thank you for your answer. You are right, my TV runs on Tizen 3.0. I already tried it according to instructions in the blog post before I wrote here, but it doesn't help. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I don't know what and how to find out if I did everything correctly. All I know is that I tried it several times without success.

Armaan-Ul- Islam

You're Welcome.


In addition to Posting your  Query on Samsung TV Forum,

You may try reaching for 1:1 Support. Samsung TV Seller Office provides 1:1 Q&A Support.

Samsung Apps TV Seller Office>Support > 1:1 QA


Dmitry Mager
Maybe some other app on you PC takes this port?try to check resource monitor / network.
Peter Beňuš

Good idea, but which port use Tizen Studio for connection on PC? It is 26101 on TV, but I don't know PC port number

Dmitry Mager

wireshark could help you.

Peter Beňuš

Meanwhile, I find out one way how to succesfully connect to the TV. Originally, I was using laptop with Win 10, but then I installed Tizen Studio 1.3 according to the blog post mentioned before, on older PC with Win 7. From this PC everything works without problem. So, I assume that there is some problem in compatibility with Win 10.