Tizen hwkey button

Hi everyone,

I'm newbie at Tizen Wearable and making an application with 3 page depth.

Page A --- click ---> page B --- click ---> page C (I'm using window.tau.changePage(#id) to go to page B and C)

Page B and C are set class="ui-page"

Page A is set class="ui-page ui-page-active"

And the strange behavior that cost me a few days is:

Page A go to B then go to C, then press back hwkey, the application jump from C directly to A.

Any one have experience with this?

Thanks in advance,


P/s: I've already use snippet to listen tizenhwkey event but both window.history.back() and window.tau.back() are not work, or even I skipped to process to back, it still back to page A automatically.


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Hunseop Jeong

Hi, Anh Nguyen

What version are you testing on emulator?

If you are testing in the 5.5 emulator version, there may be an issue.

Can you test it once again in the lower version?

Duncan Wood

Have you tried it without the "window." before "tau.changePage"?