Tizen app is not caching video files from the HTML page

Issue summary: 

  • Cache-Control headers for video files on the HTML page ignored
  • Requests to video files are bypassed and do not reach the Service Worker 

Case description:

We made a Tizen Web App for TV that receives the URL and plays it in the iframe. In the iframe, we load a page with a slideshow (images and videos). 


After some testing, we noticed that regular browser caching(Cache-Control headers) is not working, which creates huge traffic. With 3 small (5 MB videos), we have got something near 1Tb per day if we keep it to play for 24h.


Trying to overcome this issue, we have created a version with a Service worker what did a precaching of all images & videos for the slideshow. But it works for all requests except requests to video files(mp4, WebM). 

Somehow video files are bypassed or processed differently by the Tizen browser.


Here is a summary of what we have already tested with no luck:

  • Set headers "Cache-Control: max-age=31536000"
  • Use Service Worker to precache and serve video
  • Place just one <video> on the page and 
    • Set loop attribute
    • Call .play() every 10 sec.

The result is the same for all cases => video(s) loads over the network every playtime.


Please advise how to get caching working for video or any alternative workaround ideas applicable to this case.

Edited by: Evgen Halakhov on 06 Dec, 2022


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ali jen

I agree with you. it good

Rachel Gomez

If you use your Samsung TV to access the internet, you can also clear the cache in your TV's built-in browser. To do this, open the browser and go to the “Settings” menu. From there, you can select “Clear Browsing Data” and choose to clear the cache


Rachel Gomez

Joana Davidson

This makes sense.