Tizen App with iFrame Implementation Closes Instead of Resuming on Re-clicking Icon


I have a Tizen app for my TV that uses an iFrame for its implementation. I've set some specific metadata and privileges in my config.xml as follows:

    <tizen:privilege name=""/> 
    <tizen:privilege name=""/> 
    <tizen:privilege name=""/> 
    <tizen:privilege name=""/> 
    <tizen:privilege name="http:/ /"/> 
    <tizen:privilege name=""/> 
    <tizen:privilege name=" /privilege/d2d.remotelaunch"/> 
    <tizen:profile name="tv-samsung"/> 
    <tizen:setting screen-orientation="landscape" context-menu="enable" background-support="disable" encryption="disable" install-location="auto" hwkey-event="enable"/>


My issue is that when I launch the app by clicking its icon and then go back to the home screen using the remote control's home key, the app does not resume to its previous state if I click the icon again. Instead, it seems to close and restart.

How can I make it so that clicking the icon again will take me back to the previous state within the iFrame? Is there a Tizen-specific setting or method to achieve this?

Edited by: nakjun hwang on 05 Sep, 2023