Start Art app on Samsung Frame TV

I'm working on web application which is intended to run on Samsung Frame TV. The flow I want to achieve is as follows:

  1. Samsung TV is up and running, presenting image(s) using Art app.
  2. My application is started (using push notification).
  3. User interacts with the app.
  4. The application is closed and TV goes back to point 1. (Art app)

My question is about point 4. How can I programmatically close my app and immediatelly, after it's closed - show Art app again?

If I just close or hide it using either of following functions:


I land on the view presenting currently selected input source (like HDMI1 etc.)

I also tried to open tizen art app using:


It works as expected - tizen art app is started. But user lands on app home screen where they're prompted to select image(s) that will be displayed. I don't want to ask users to select images - I want to present the same images that were displayed before my app was started.