Splash screen not show on SmartTV


I'm developing a smartTV app with Tizen sdk 3.6

Following :

I have a issue displaying a splash screen using the config.xml  :

<tizen:launch_screen ready_when="complete">
    <tizen:ls_default background_image="splashBackground.png" background_color="#AF1F24" image="largeIcon.png" image_border="0px"/>
    <tizen:ls_landscape background_image="splashBackground.png" background_color="#AF1F24" image="largeIcon.png" image_border="0px"/>

It's seem that the ready_when property is not working properly.


- using : ready_when="first-paint"

Testing the app in the emulato and real device, i have only the splash screen displayed.


- using : ready_when="complete" 

When testing the app in the emulator, i can see the splash screen momentarily, but after i have a white screen for like 3 second and then the app is displaying.

Testing the app in a real device, i have only the white screen and then the app.


- using : ready_when="custom"

Testing the app in the emulator and  real device, the splash screen  does not disappear.


I can't understand and find a way to use this property, and show a splash screen.

It seems that this property is called too early, and therefore not updated.

Have you ever had similar cases.


Thx for your help, 

Rinaldo Stevenazzi

Edited by: rinaldo stevenazzi on 14 Mar, 2020