Send data by UDP in Web Application

Hi,  there is a issue whether Gear s3 is able to send data by UDP. 

I want to send data by UDP communication with Gear S3.

Rotation data of bezel will be sent to server by UDP. I don't want SAP with android device.

I would implement it by stand-alone.

There are HTML5 Web Messaging and WebSocket in the api. Aren't they different from UDP?


If you have any knowledge about UDP communication by Web Application Development, Plz Tell me.




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Marco Buettner

The only UDP based API for communication I know is: WebRTC. WebSocket ist TCP based

Jeffrey Yan

Any luck with this? I am trying to do the same. I would like to avoid using SAP with an android device, I want to use my galaxy watch in stand-alone mode and send UDP packets.


Christof Meerwald

Your best option is to build a hybrid app and do the UDP stuff in native code.