Security in Tizen TV


I'm new to Tizen app development, currently developing Web app for tizen tv using jquery.
We have a concern regarding security, because if somehow  we get our hands on any of the .wgt files, 
we can import this application file into Tizen IDE and we can get all the source code.
This allows us to hack any application we want.

So i have few questions regarding security,

  1. Is it possible to extract wgt file from tizen tv for any application installed from Tizen store? How Samsung provides security against this?
  2. How to store confidential information such as user-id or tokens securely in tizen tv?  
  3. Are there any ways to provide security for javascript or jquery files except minify,uglify,webpack etc?
  4. Best practices for providing security in Tizen tv web app?

    Thanks in advance