Scroll-snap not working under Tizen 4+ anymore


if you start a new Sample Project in Tizen Studio (File->New->Tizen Project->Sample-> Wearable v4.0->Web) and pick "UI"->"Gallery UI" you'll find that scroll snapping won't work anymore on Tizen 4 & 5.

The problem is that in the CSS file "-webkit-scroll-snap-type" is listed as "Invalid property value". I've tried all possible values ​​to no avail.

According to documentation, " scroll-snap-type" will be supported in Chrome as from v69. Tizen 4 & 5 however use older Chrome versions and thus don't support it. I've used the debugger and Samsung Gear S3 for testing.

Chrome debugger shows "-webkit-scroll-snap-type" crossed out under Tizen 4. As a result, sample gallery gets stuck between pictures instead of scroll snapping to the next picture.

The same issue exists with Snap Lists, they also don't snap anymore.
I'm looking for a solution to make scroll-snap working under all Tizen versions.


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The Samsung developer support informed me they're working on this bug:

Hi Frank,

I just heard back from the Tizen web team, they confirmed the snap feature was missed while creating the Tizen 4.0 web engine.  

They are currently working on a fix that will be applied to the Tizen 4.0 web engine.  I'm trying to get an estimated timeline for the fix going live and will make sure to let you know as soon as I learn anything.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.