Privacy Issue with Samsung Smart TV Personal Preview

Hi, I am developing personal preview, and I found some potential issue.

At first, I have found below retriction about setPreviewData API, 


Samsung Official Document

In the success callback for the setPreviewData() method, you must terminate the background service application using the getCurrentApplication().exit() method. 

The Samsung Apps TV policy defines that, if the background service application is not terminated in this way, it is automatically terminated after 5 minutes. In addition, next setPreviewData() method should be called at least 10mins later.



webapis.preview.setPreviewData() should not be called more often than once per 10 minutes. If it called more often the Preview can be not refreshed - the call to webapis.preview.setPreviewData() will be silently omitted.


In below case, it could make wrong functionality for TV Application,

1. User logged in the app and setPreviewData API is called.
2. Right after use logged out, application try to call setPreviewData API with non-personal data
3. But it failed because it happened in 10 minutes
4. Logged-out user still see the someone's personal preview


Edited by: Jooyoung Moon on 20 Feb, 2021