Permission media file using SAFileTransfer

I'm developing a Web Companion application that transfer an audio media file from Android app to Tizen web app for wearable device.

I'm using SAAgentV2 and library SAFileTransfer.

I added all the necessary privilege to My config.xml 

    <tizen:privilege name=""/>
    <tizen:privilege name=""/>
    <tizen:privilege name=/"/>
    <tizen:privilege name=""/>
    <tizen:privilege name=""/>
    <tizen:privilege name=""/>
    <tizen:privilege name=""/>
    <tizen:privilege name=""/>
    <tizen:privilege name=""/>
    <tizen:privilege name=""/>

(Omitted http because i get External links are not permitted.)

When i receive the file using this code

SAFileTransfer.receiveFile(id, "music/myapp/" + fileName);

the audio file saved inside the silesystem has the following permission:

root  priv_mediastorage

The problem is when I use the standard tizen API to read the content of the media file


 try {
        } catch (error) {
            console.error("Content Find ERROR: ", error.message);

the function (contentFindSuccess) that read the audio media metadata is not able to read correctly any metadata .

For example I get the following properties:

file.duration = 0;

file.album= null;


Now if I copy the file audio using this tizen library

musicAppDir.copyTo(fileFullPtah, mewFileToMove,copy,copyerror)

the permission of this new file audio is different:

owner priv_mediastorage  

Now using the same tizen API to read the audio content, I'm able to read correctly all the metadata of the audio file

file.duration = 6962;

item.album= "Album test";

item.title="Titel test";


Do I have to configure some setting in order to save file without avoiding root user in FileTransfer ? How could read metadata with the right permission on file audio ?

It seems like SAFileTransfer.receiveFile in the sub dir of VIRTUAL FOLDER 'music' write with root privilege.