Notification doesn't show on my Gear S3 but does on same version's emulator

I use below function for my app.

It shows OK on emulator but doesn't for real Gear S3.

Power, Internet, Notification, Alarm, Application.launch privileges granted for my app and background-support is enabled.

Does anyone knows What problem I have?


var appControl = new tizen.ApplicationControl(
      "it's okay, TIZEN Community doesn't allow me to type external link", null, "image/jpg", null);
  var notificationDict =
    content: "This is a simple notification.",
    iconPath: "./logo_STEMS.jpg",
    soundPath: './sound_noti.wav',
    vibration: true,
    appControl: appControl
  var notification =
      new tizen.StatusNotification("SIMPLE", "Simple notification", notificationDict);;
Edited by: munju so on 11 Aug, 2019