Live HLS rewind not working (AVPlay API)

Hi everyone!

I'm currently developing a web application for Samsung Smart TVs running Tizen. It is ment to play VOD, including live videos in .m3u8 format. The project was made to run on multiple TV systems (Samsung/Tizen, LG webOS, Philips, Android TV, etc.), so it is adapted for the small changes between each system it is suposed to run in.

We're currently having issues with HLS rewind. The code is adapted to use AVPlay API, which is the standard video API used by Samsung TVs that run Tizen. It's not too different from any standard video API. The code that manages the rewind is something like this:

try {
	webapis.avplay.seekTo(10000,successCallback, errorCallback);
	catch (e)
// for live cases, get the live duration as :
var StartTime = webapis.avplay.getStreamingProperty("GET_LIVE_DURATION").split('|')[0];
var EndTime = webapis.avplay.getStreamingProperty("GET_LIVE_DURATION").split('|')[1];
// seekpoint must be between StartTime and Endtime.

When rewinding the video, the player just freezes in one frame and doesn't seem to load properly. I doesn't seem to be a problem regarding the actual video, as it runs smoothly on other systems.

Any ideas on how to implement this function?

Thank you.


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Ivan Milicevic
Hello, have you managed to resolve this issue? I'm having same problem and, as you have found it, there isn't anything online