I want to run NodeJS server on Samsung TV is it possible?


I am new to tizen development, i just need some guide and assistance please.

I want to run NodeJS server on my Samsung TV Tizen OS 5.0 and run very basic hello world and access it from the same TV browser like we do on our local system.

e.g localhost:3000

Is it possible to do this? Samsung allowed to run server on TV?

Please help me, is it possible to do that? and how can i install NodeJS server on TV and run that hello world?




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Joel Ivory Johnson

I'm afraid the access that you get to the TV is not low enough low level. You won't be able to run Node JS on the TV. 


Azeem Hassan

Any alternative solution, i actually want to run server on samsungtv and want to access it in samsung browser like this


what alternative solution i have if samsung won't have no facility avaialble to run nodejs?


Azeem Hassan

Here i found a post,

but unfortunately, it's too old I tried to run its steps..

also, command "sdp -d shell" not working, when i run "sdp devices" it is showing me devices but when i run "sdp -d shell" it is showing me these errors

C:\tizen-studio\tools>sdb -d shell
error: target not found
error: target not found

and not moving my command prompt to shell.

Parth Agrawal

I am also getting same error. Have you got the solution for this?