HW back button issue on Web app video page

Hi guys, i have a simple video player app.
I basically have two pages (index.hml, play.html)
index page has the menu, that opens the play.html page
play page has an embedded video. all works ok.

But, when the video plays, it doesn't play within the html page as embeded video should.
instead it plays on full screen. and it seems like it plays on some built-in player. Tired both ifram and html video tag, as embedding approach on the play.html. both approach has same issue.

Above issue... no problem. i can live with it. Problem is, i cannot use hw back button to go back to the index page! Pressing back button once or multiple times has no effect on the video/player. it continues to play the video. I think the even listener doesn't trigger, as the video is playing outside of my app/page.

My event listener registration is fine i think. as hw back button does work OK on the index page.

Same issue on the simulator and the device. on the simulator, mouse back button does the trick! it closes the player and it takes me to the index page! but i have no mouse on the device :(

On device "exit" button on the remote does work. it closes the video page/app. but does not bring back to the index page. Instead it kills the app and goes to tv home.

Can anyone advise me how to overcome this problem.

Here is the detail of the environment:

Using Tizen studio
Project type: Template> Tv-samsung v6.5 > Web Aplication> jQuery Navigation
Sdk : TV extensions- 6.5
Device: Samsung UN43AU8000FXZA TV-6.0
Simulator: T-Samsung 6.5-x86

No external hosted javascript used in the project,

Please let me know if you need any other information. thanks!


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coalitions trengthen

Instead, it uses the whole screen. and it seems to be playing on a built-in player. As embedded on the play.html technique, I got tired with both the ifram and the html video element. The problem exists for both strategies. 

Emma Brown

If your site contains ads, ad blockers can prevent the HW button from working. You should try to disable ad-blocking software or change the way ads are displayed. slither io

Harsh Kumar

To avoid this issue, web app developers can implement a solution where pressing the back button on the video page does not take the user out of the app but instead navigates them back to the previous section or page within the app. It can be achieved through the use of JavaScript and HTML5 history API.

Harsh Kumar

One solution to the back button issue on a web app video page is to use the HTML5 History API to manipulate the browser's history and provide a custom back button functionality.

Judson Hartman

Developers of web apps can add a feature whereby returning to a previous page or area of the programme is the result of using the back button on a video page.