How to play multiple video/audio at same time?


I want to play an audio and two videos at the same time on Samsung Tizen TV.

But if the audio starts, the videos will stop, and if I start the videos, the audio will stop.

Example code:

<video src="example1.mp4" muted autoplay></video>
<video src="example2.mp4" muted autoplay></video>
<audio src="example3.mp3" autoplay></audio>

Only one works at a time.

Is there a setting or any solution to play more than one video and audio at the same time?

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ross smith

By default VLC Media Player is set to have multiple instances. That means more than one player or player window can run and operate at the same time. It can be used to access or play multiple media files simultaneously. You can be playing two audio files or a video and an audio file at the same time.

Step 1: Import videos
Please click Import to add all the video and audio files (background music, sound effects and recorded audio) you need.


Step 2: Drag video and audio to timeline
Then drag and drop the video to the video track. You can freely arrange clips in timeline untile you like the sequence. At the same time, drag and drop the music file, recorded audio and sound effect to timeline respectively.

Step 3: Adjust the length of clips
Lastly to make them synchronized with the video file. You could drag the edge of the audio files to change the duration directly. Or you could freely move either of the audio files to anywhere you need.

 sync audio and video

Tips: If you need to record an audio, you could record an audio directly by this program. Then you do not need to do it by another program. The recorded audio will be located in the Media Library and the audio track meanwhile.



Rachel Gomez

Amity Sherlock


Emma Brown

To play multiple videos/audio at the same time on your Samsung Tizen TV, you can use the Picture in Picture (PiP) feature on your TV.
- First, open your app or audio/video source. Then press the Menu button on the TV remote and select the PiP option from the menu.
- In PiP mode, you can choose a different video/audio source to display in a small window wordle on the main screen. You can move, resize, and control the volume of the PiP window. 

Mark McDoe

Thanks for this, helped me alot. 

Mona Grant

To Emma Brown badland

 Your suggestion is very helpful. A pretty good tip that not everyone knows.