How to auto launch tizen tv web application on start up

I'm have tizen tv web application project. I need auto launch the application when smart tv turned on.

Since I'm new on tizen base, I have difficult time to find solution.

Is there any way to auto launch my application?



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I'm having trouble coming up with a solution. 


Adam Sara

In some cases, you may need special settings on your TV to allow apps to launch automatically. Make sure you check Samsung's documentation or community forums for more information about this setting. 

Michel May

To auto-launch a Tizen TV web application on startup, you can achieve this by setting the auto-start property in the application's configuration file (config.xml) to true. This configuration ensures that the app launches automatically when the TV starts up. Additionally, you might need to ensure that your app meets certain requirements and permissions for auto-start functionality. Test thoroughly to ensure smooth execution upon TV boot-up.

nim onip

I believe in restarting from scratch and installing TV

Mario Dudley

Open the config.xml file of your Tizen web application. You can find this file in the root directory of your project.

Add or modify the <content> tag to include the auto-boot attribute and set it to enable 

Then, define Starting Page

ali jen

I am currently facing an issue with my web app built with Tizen Studio. My app's sole purpose is to play a video on loop....