Getting an error when try to install&run tizen-web-application remote with tizen-studio (windows)

Message is "<project name> has encountered a problem".

When I click "Details" it shows "closed. closed".


P.S. I've created author and distributor certificates.

Edited by: Bohdan Koretskyi on 29 Nov, 2017


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Iqbal Hossain

hi, Please give more details like Device Model, App API version, Tizen Studio version. 

Follow these tutorial to install app on remote device. Before that create Certificate carefully. 



Bohdan Koretskyi

I think I get it. Tisen studio create tv-4.0 template (and works only), but my tv on tv-2.4 platform.

Iqbal Hossain

Did you solve your problem ? 

Bohdan Koretskyi

I installed Tizen SDK 2.4 and it works


I faced the same problem with tizen studio 3.6. First I was thinking about installation of 2.4 version. Then I tried following steps.

1) I downloaded and installed extentions for SAMSUNG-TV platform 4.0  (I had only 5.5)

2) I created certificate for Tizen (not for SAMSUNG).

3) Then after creating project and making all needed changes to it I converted it to Tizen project (File - Configuring - Convert..) After these steps my project was succesfully loaded to TV.