Get used memory for running app

Hello guys!

This is my first post here, so welcome everyone :)

I wuld like to ask if someone tried to get RAM usage for the running app.

Based on documentation it should be possible to get current RAM usage per running app.

I tried to get it inside analog clock basic app, I modified index.html and used following line inside script tag: var myCurrentMemUsage = tizen.systeminfo.getCapability('http://'); but it is not working for me. I verified tizen 2016 and 2017 and I can see console output:

  1. NotSupportedError: Value for given key was not found undefined:
    1. getCapability

thank you in advance for any help.


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Alison Wilkins

Web applications are applications that are positioned through the internet, The app is hosted by web servers, The first step of debugging is to test the application with every aspect and make sure that everything is working properly in the application.

Duncan Wood

One way is if your running it on a real device,

you can see this in the wearables app under "about watch -> battery -> your_app