Exactly how to debugging a web app on a TV device, just using Tizen and sdb commads?


I find the offical Tizen documenation on this topic is bit a scarce. And the documenation of both Tizen and sdb commands do not include enough details. Samsung seems just interesting in doing everything through Tizen Studio, which most developer won't use for development.


Anyway, here's what I have done and would be very much appreciated if anyone can show me the exact steps to start debugging an web app on a Samsung TV with Chrome inspector and  useing 'tizen' and 'sdb' command only (not Tizen Studio please!).


What I have DONE so far:

  • Certificates are properly generated and I can build and package the app.
  • App is deployed to the TV without any problems.
  • Can launch the application using both Tizen studio and the 'tizen' command ('tizen run -p app_id').


I can also launch the app with Chrome inspector from within Tizen Studio, however, this is not very useful for test automation, which is why this question.


I changed the logging level to 'all' in Tizen Studio and hope to capture what commands it uses to launch the debugger, but unfortunately it does not print out the commands. What it does reveal is that it uses 'port forwarding' and generated a debugging url so that the Chrome inspector could connect to (it generated a url like this ''). However, it's not clear how to do these on the command line.


The "port forwarding" description in 'sdb' documenation is just confusing and not enough details given.


I can connect to the TV through port '26101' (can see it in Device Manager), but how should I map the ports? I tried 'sdb forward tcp:26101 tcp:9999', but there's no error or success message so there's no way to know what's going on there. And even if I got the port setup, what url should I use to start the inspector?


Very much appreciated if someone can provide some details on how to do this properly.



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Ilya Shknai

Hi By Lu. We faced with the same issue and found solution in sources


In short

sdb shell 0 debug [package_name]

then http://${ip}:${port}/json

and build url in the following format

"http://${ip}:${port}${devToolsUrl}", and run chrome with that url

doreen fahey

Thanks for your answer