Devtools inspector hangs with blank screen


I am working on Tizen app for TV using web technologies stack. I am using physical device UE43NU7472 for testing and debugging. This setup worked correclty until now.

Suddenly devtools inspector stopped working which makes it impossible for me to debug the app. The app is being launched on the TV, but the inspector shows blank screen. It doesn't work even for simple sample apps created using the wizard.

The problem is similar to described here, but the solution doesn't work:


How to overcome this issue?


My tools versions

Chrome browser version: 88.0.4324.104 64-bit

Tizen Studio 4.1 2020-10-12 13:53

TV Extension Tools Web app tools 6.0.0

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Yes the same here, I had to download chromium version 80, unzip to another folder, then tell SDK to use it instead of my normal chrome.

Google removed/deprecated in november the instructions that made remote debug work with Tizen SDK.