Developing better altimeter app for Gear S3
Hi, I want to develop better altimeter app for Gear S3 (zoomable graphs, asc/dsc counter, better algorithm to correct elevation...) and I want to ask you a few questions: First, web app is easy for me, but I'm totally lost in native app. 1) As I want to save pressure value every one minute, is it possible to do via web app on background? I tried setInterval() function, but it stops after few minutes even if background is enabled in manifest. It the only way to do it via native service? 2) Is there way to access Samsung's Altimeter/Barometer app source code? Because I want to do my app same battery efficient as this app, which collects pressure data on background. Or is there way to access it's stored values of pressure? Thank you!


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OK, I've found it here:


Hi Konvalinka,


I feel like we both think Samsung Altimeter app could be much more better... 

But since last year, things don't seem to have evolved so much.


This is why I was thinking about developping a better app too as there was very few and bad quality apps on this matter.


Have you developped your own app?

Did you find Samsung 's Altimeter/barometer app source code somewhere?


Thank you!

Armaan-Ul- Islam


Recorder API sounds suitable for your requirement as you have already mentioned. While enabling background support  please make sure you add a background category (For example: sensor) in config.xml > Tizen tab.



As far as I know Altimeter app from Samsung is proprietary, not Open Source. Anyways, you may check out the Altimeter Sample app from Tizen-Studio > New > Sample > Wearable> Sensor > Altimeter.