Connect Tizen studio with Samsung display PM32F

I want to use my Samsung display PM32F device to develop and debug my Tizen TV app.
Is it possible to connect this device to Tizen studio 2.5? I can see it in Remote Device Manager, but every time I try to set 'Connection' to 'ON', i get "failed to connect t oremote target" error. "sdb connect" command also fails, but "ping" is ok.
Is developer mode needed to be turn on? and how should i do that on that device?


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Armaan-Ul- Islam

Hello Fedo Kozlov,

I would suggest you to request for technical support on Samsung Display Solutions: PM32F.

They might provide you direction on development environment.


In addition you might check SAMSUNG Smart Signage Platform (SSSP).


you know the answer..

"Is developer mode needed to be turn on? and how should i do that on that device?"

General way to get into developer mode is that pressing "12345" on remote control while the TV is running in "APPS" app.

Then it will show a pop-up to regist your Dev PC IP address.

If it does not work, you may need to contact Samsung.


Fedor Kozlov

Thank you for your answers!

I accidentally found out how to turn on developer mode.

Push 'source' button, choose 'URL Launcher', then push 'source' button again and push 'left' button one or several times.

After that i saw cherished words 'developer mode'

Dipen Hansawala

I have a Samsung PMH series with Software version 2120 without SmartHub.

I have developed one application using xamarin.

The TV is located somewhere else. I want to install an app on it. Xamarin Tizen generates the build and provides .tpk app format. 

I have tried to install the app on it using a sharable link. But it gives me the error "Unable to find the installation file."

Can anyone help me out how to fix that and install the app on TV ?

Is it possible to install an app via Pen drive?