Build web application for "tv-2.4.0" platform

Basically the title – in my device list, the TV shows up as platform "tv-2.4.0", but I've been unable to find a way to build and run my app on it. I've found this article[1] and followed it, so I can now create project for "Tv-samsung v3.0", but it's still not possible to run it on my TV, the upload and install fails. I have the model UE40KU6072. See the attached screenshot:

Where do I get the SDK to build for this TV? And what version of Tizen Studio do I need for it? Can I run it on 4.0?


[1]:  medium dot com slash @ibazzva/developing-for-old-samsung-tvs-in-tizen-studio-2-x-5aa3f853db09 (I wasn't allowed to post external link)