Build web application for "tv-2.4.0" platform

Basically the title – in my device list, the TV shows up as platform "tv-2.4.0", but I've been unable to find a way to build and run my app on it. I've found this article[1] and followed it, so I can now create project for "Tv-samsung v3.0", but it's still not possible to run it on my TV, the upload and install fails. I have the model UE40KU6072. See the attached screenshot:

Where do I get the SDK to build for this TV? And what version of Tizen Studio do I need for it? Can I run it on 4.0?


[1]:  medium dot com slash @ibazzva/developing-for-old-samsung-tvs-in-tizen-studio-2-x-5aa3f853db09 (I wasn't allowed to post external link)


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Alexa Mendoza

Creating this types of web application is easier.  The most modern Samsung TV you can have right now doesn’t have the latest existing OS (Tizen 4.0) on board. But what’s wrong with Tizen Studio and how’s it related to your Samsung TV? Let’s imagine you’re a software developer and you want to create super awesome app for you newly acquired UHD TV. Or may be you just a user who wants to install on your SmartTV some app that is not accessible through official store. In both cases you’ll need to install Tizen Studio.

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doreen fahey

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