AvPlayer: Playready GetChallenge


I work on this TV UE55KU6000 (2016, Tizen 2.4, TV Extension 2.0, or higher) and I am trying to figure out whether it supports "GenChallenge".
According to AvPlayer page, it has been supported since Tizen 2018 but my TV is from 2016.

Is there a way to get the license challenge rather than using "GetChallenge" approach?
When I tried this configuration:

// Set Playready Settings
    var json = {
              DeleteLicenseAfterUse: true,    	      
    	      GetChallenge: true    	      
    try {
    	webapis.avplay.setDrm("PLAYREADY", "SetProperties", JSON.stringify(json));
    } catch (e) {
      console.log("SetDrm: " + e);

I get the following drmEvent from the AvPlayer:

DRM callback: PLAYREADY, data: {"name":"define_it","reserved":0,"code":0,"message":"errorState=0&contentID=U20I20DNpEK7%2FrqgA7nHyQ%3D%3D&rightsIssuerURL=https%3A%2F%2Ffoo%2Eglobal%2ElicenseUrl%2Edummy%2FlicenseServer%2Fv1%2FplayReady%2Flicense%3FcontentId%3DDieHard2"} 

But I was expecting to get "Challenge" which contains the playready challenge.

if ( === 'Challenge') {

Apparently, my TV doesn't support this 'GenChallenge' or 'GetChallenge'? (Could someone also clarify which one is correct? I have seen different usages in different pages.)

Is there another way to get license challenge?



Edited by: Barbaros Alp on 29 Apr, 2020