AVPlay API DRM PlayReady with auth headers not working

Hi all,

I'm trying to reproduce a DASH stream protected with PlayReady using AVPlay API. The server to obtain the key is protected with auth headers. 

I set the headers when calling to '.setDrm()' method before calling to '.prepare()'. Like the next example:

var DrmParam = {};
DrmParam.LicenseServer = "";
DrmParam.Authorization    = "[AUTH KEY]";
webapis.avplay.setDrm("PLAYREADY", "SetProperties", JSON.stringify(DrmParam));

I have tried to set the headers in different ways but none works. I receive 'PLAYER_ERROR_CONNECTION_FAILED' when calling to '.prepare()'. The server seems to be working properly because It works on other platforms. How should I set the headers? Is there any way to debug the HTTP requests from AVPlay? (Web Inspector 'Network' is not working).




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Armaan-Ul- Islam

PLAYER_ERROR_CONNECTION_FAILED is thrown for Failed multiple attempts to connect to the specified content server. The reason could be related with Sever Communication.


# If you require access to an external network resource, you must request network resource permissions for the Web application using the Policy in the config.xml file.

<access origin="*" subdomains="true"/>                         // For All resources
 <access origin="" subdomains="true"/>           // For specific resource 


# Add internet access privilege for your Tizen application in the config.xml file.Internet Privilege allows the application to access the Internet.

<tizen:privilege name=""/>

Check out this response on Stack Overflow Forum.

Miguel Jimenez

Hi Armaan,

These settings have been activated before and it does not work. It would be very useful to be able to see the requests and responses to the server, but the Network tab does not work correctly. Any idea to visualize it?

Armaan-Ul- Islam

In that case, I would suggest that you may post your issue on Samsung TV Forum

Developers on the specific domain may share their experiences with you there. In Addition, Samsung TV Seller Office also provides 1:1 Q&A Support if you have published any app there.

Samsung Apps TV Seller Office>Support > 1:1 QA


  1. <tizen:privilege name=""/> is not applicable to TV tizen 6.5

I am having same problem.


Hugues Hardel

We are experiencing the same. We would be extremly grateful if you could post the resolution here if you ever figured it out?