Xamarin.forms recorder privilege denied forever

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this is my very first time to ask something in a forum, so please tell me if I don't provide you with enough informations to my question/project.

I'm trying to make a crossplatform app for a tizen and android watch. Both should use a speech-to-text client. I got the tizen one to work in a tizen-only project, but as soon as I use a crossplatform project I can't get it to work. The problem seems to be that I can't ask the user of the app for any permission to use the microphone. 
With the tizen-only project I saw a pop-up which asked the user for permission, but this does not happen with this crossplatform project. 
When calling "PrivacyPrivilegeManager.CheckPermission(recorderPrivilege)" the checkresult says "Deny" and when I request permission via the PrivacyPrivilegeManager and use the RequestResponseEvent its RequestResult is "DenyForever"...

I really don't know what to do. Does anyone have experience with making a crossplatform-project?

Would appreciate any help.

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Tizen .NET


In fact, there's no difference to call "PrivacyPrivilegeManager.CheckPermission(recorderPrivilege)" for tizen-only project and cross-platform project.

Could you check again to see if you request recorder privacy privilege well after reinstalling(uninstall->install) your application?

Sample code :

Please let us know if your problem is not solved.




Ernest Borowski

All privileges that app want to use should be in it`s manifest file under privileges section, sample below:


After you include privilege in manifest file


should return:


state not in


Application can request privileges only when they are in Ask state.

For API reference please take a look at: