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Hi, I have created my first .net widget. It is a simple widget with a button that makes an https post request to a server and it opens my garage door.

Although it works perfectly when I am connected over the WiFi, using the bluetooth it throws imediatelly an exception telling "An error occured while sending the request".

It seems that my widget cannot get access to the internet at all when I am connected using the bluetooth. However, at the same time, other applications such as the weather app can download conetent from the internet using the bluetooth connection with my phone. 

Is there any way to resovle this issue ?


Edited by: Dimitris Petridis on 18 Apr, 2019
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Juwon(Julia) Ahn


Geting access to the Internet "using bluetooth" means that your watch is paired with the mobile phone via BT connection and it tries to access to the Internet ??

Am I right? If not, please explain the details.

If a standalone app(or widget) wants to send/receive http/https data packets when the watch is paired with mobile phone which has data connectivity, 

we can use "webproxy".

To show hot to use WebProxy, I update the sample WidgetApp. Please check the below sample app.   (Btn_Clicked() in MyFirstWidget.cs file)

I think you can figure out how to use HttpWebRequest with WebProxy to get data.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.



Dimitris Petridis

Hi Julia..

You explained exactly what I wanted, I used the webproxy and it worked perfectly. 

I realy apreciate your immediate help in resolving the problem. 

Thank you very much.

M Bright


I'm having trouble connecting to a rest api from my app with HttpClient usin WebProxy.
It works fine when wifi is enabled on Gear. When connected to phone via bluetooth and wifi disabled the client request fails.

The implementation looks like:

if (currentConnection.Type == ConnectionType.Ethernet)
    string proxyAddr = ConnectionManager.GetProxy(AddressFamily.IPv4);

    var handler = new HttpClientHandler
        UseProxy = true,
        Proxy = new WebProxy(proxyAddr, true)
    client = new HttpClient(handler);

Am I missing some fundamental part here?

M Bright

Hi Guys!

Just got it to work.

The above solution worked just fine.

The problem was elsewhere.