Visual Studio remote debugging with emulator


I am developing some apps for Tizen watches.

At home I have 2 PCs. One with AMD-Cpu(Big Boy) and one with Intel-CPU (Old PC).

Since the Tizen emulator runs only with Intel CPUs I am working on my old Intel Laptop.

Now, I was asking myself if it will be possible to run the emulator on my old Intel PC, connect to it from my AMD PC (maybe via sdb or whatever) and this way being able to use my AMD PC to develop the app with Visual Studio, but debugging it in the emulator running on the Intel-PC.



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Juwon(Julia) Ahn

Unfortunately, it is not possible.

Intel's HAXM is required for Tizen Emulator.

At the moment, there are no plan to support AMD.  I'll share any updates later.