Unable to start application on the emulator, tizen wearable

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get started with Tizen .net wearable development and I've successfully installed all components I need for Windows 10 and Tizen.Net development.

I started messing arround with the capabilities of this platform, with an initial goal of creating a simple Music player.

All nice and dandy until, I noticed that the emulator wasn't updating.

I mean eg: I changed the label on both my CirclePages and nothing. Nothing that I was adding or delete-ing, code wise, did nothing to what was displayed in the emulator. 


I restarted: the emulator, Visual Studio, Windows ... still nothing. Then I created a new emulator from emulator manager and this one doesn't want to start at all, it's stuck on "Initializing Debugger". 

Tried creating a new project, this launched with the Hello Xamarin Forms or something, worked for a little while but exactly like with the original application it just stopped updating what i was "coding"


Tried building, rebulding the solution, nothing worked.

Is there something like "Clear Emulator or workspace", like there is in Eclipse?

clearworkspace.png Sry if this picture is't displayed, noob here :)

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Jay Cho

Hello, I don't think there is something like clearing emulator.

It's very weird not to be updated though.. Is it the debug run mode or running without debug?

Mormally, if the build is successful, the app is re-installed on the emulator.

Sebastian Paul

Apparently, after I started using <Project Sdk="Tizen.NET.Sdk/1.0.9">, which is, as of writing this comment the latest version, this issue stopped happening, considering that i deleted the old emulator and created a new one from scratch.

The problem now is that my smartWatch (Gear S3 Frontier), exhibits the same (stuck on "Initializing Debugger". ) simptoms.

Not even the simplest of "Welcome to Xamarin Forms"  app templates work on my gear S3.



Tiny Titles

Same issue with my Gear S3 Frontier, did you find a solution?

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Sebastian Paul

Sorry for not replying sooner.

The problem with stuck on "Initializing Debugger", and I guess the original problem that I came here to "complain", were all linked to certificate problems... 

Aparently I had like dozen different profiles between Visual Studio and Tizen Studio (for native developement), all in different locations, and that created confusion. I was using one profile from one location as active, and another profile from somewere else.

Followed this guide , (look at the .TPK section). This cleared the waters for me, Hope this fixes your problems aswell.